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SM Framework MySQL Extension


First ensure that gcc version 4.2.1 or later is installed.

Next ensure that readline along with it's development headers are installed. On an rpm based system this is typically done with:

yum install -y readline readline-devel

The cmake tool is required before being able to install mysql (in addition to the standard gcc tool chain) You can install cmake using the SM Framework tools extension set as follows:

sm set install tools
sm cmake install

Installing MySQL

Once this extension is installed either as standalone or as part of an extension set we can then install mysql.

sm mysql install

Initializing the database

Once mysql has been installed you must then initialize the actual database directory which is done by:

sm mysql initialize

Configuring mysql

Next we configure mysql including (as root) linking the /etc/mysql/mysql.cnf

sm mysql configure

Controlling mysql

In order to control the mysql server we run the following commands:

sm mysql start
sm mysql stop
sm mysql restart