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SM Postgresql Extension Set (postgresql, pgpool, pgbouncer, slony, extensions)

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SM Framework Postgresql Extension Set

This SM Framework extension set contains the following postgresql related extensions:


The PostgreSQL database system. Read postgresql/ for more details.


Provides Connection Pooling, Replication, Load Balancing, Limiting Exceeding Connections, Parallel Query. Read pgpool/ for more details.


Provides Session pooling, Transaction pooling, Statement pooling. Read pgbouncer/ for more details.


adds support for geographic "spatial" objects to the PostgreSQL object-relational database. Read postgis/ for more details.


a PostgreSQL-backed queueing library that is focused on concurrent job locking, minimizing database load & providing a simple & intuitive user experience. Read queue_classic/ for more details.


a set of open source tools that helps DBAs and System administrators manage a cluster of PostgreSQL databases. Read repmgr/ for more details.


a "master to multiple slaves" trigger based replication system for PostgreSQL supporting cascading (e.g. - a node can feed another node which feeds another node...) and failover. Read slony/ for more details.


To install this extension set, with the latest SM Framework you can do:

sm get head               # Ensuring we are on the latest SM Framework.
sm set install postgresql # Installing this (known) extension set.

Alternatively the uri may be specified:

sm set install postgresql git://

After this you may issue the extension specific commands you require such as:

sm postgresql install
sm pgpool install

NOTE: postgresql used to be located in sm-databases, so if you have an older sm-databases upgrade it so that you no longer have a postgresql extension in it:

sm set install databases
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