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70d1bc3 @mpapis zsh/sm console
mpapis authored
1 core/cli/zdotdir/.zcompdump
a5df96c @wayneeseguin bdsm v0.0.1
wayneeseguin authored
2 releases/
6fa5dc3 @wayneeseguin Began splitting bdsm out into multiple scripts.
wayneeseguin authored
3 release
d079b4a @wayneeseguin Starting to add service update code.
wayneeseguin authored
4 site/
c6edbb6 @mpapis ignore html dir <- bdsm docgen
mpapis authored
5 html/
37a90ea @wayneeseguin Configure is now for everything in $shared_path/config/
wayneeseguin authored
6 tags
bb19609 @wayneeseguin Added .rvmrc to .gitignore for now.
wayneeseguin authored
7 .rvmrc
4d5033b @mpapis git ignore rubymine
mpapis authored
8 .idea
94b2d32 @mpapis gitignore bin/sm-json bin/sm-mustache
mpapis authored
9 bin/sm-json
10 bin/sm-mustache
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