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BDSM Framework

The Bash Delectable Scripting Management Framework is a... scripting framework with a devops focus (go figure)!


The goal is to create a framework for maintaining and sharing server side scripts while exposing them through a consistent command line interface (CLI).


BDSM itself is a scripting framework. Users may write and/or install 'extensions' (think plugins) to the core framework in order to add CLI functionality to BDSM.

Creating Extensions

There are only a few requirements for the 'extensions'. The extension must be a directory. Within this directory are (at least) the subdirectory bin/ with at least one executable file called 'help'. Additionally in the root of the extension directory there must be a text file called VERSION with a version number that follows semantic versioning ( in the format of X.Y.Z where X,Y and Z are positive integers. An extension must also have a README file in which you should explain about the extension.

The contents of the bin directory can be any execuatble file. This means for example that C compiled binaries, Ruby Scripts, python, lua, etc... may all be used according to requrements and/or user preferences. Of course the extensions which I write will likely be in bash ;) Additionally if you write your extensions in bash a nice DSL is automatically loaded for you. Read more about the DSL in the online documentation.


Wayne E. Seguin

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