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* extensions/internal 3535f9c...bb7eea5 (26):
> Do not allow remove paths to trigger revert.
> revert is more indicative.
> output handle 3 for easy writing to log file
> cleaning code, moved to std/vcs
> informative error, fix rollback action mapping
> remove testing false
> error handling, improved error recovery
> add [after_]fail_stage support, improved error handling
> logging and error handling
> move modules loading to modules file
- Some minor bugfixes in core before we push a major refactoring release.
* extensions/internal 4ecd1a7...3535f9c (2):
> Interesting, go uses the src dir.
> fix template paths
- support for extesnions, modules, templates, uris in_search_paths
- support fot github scm urls (user/name) and directories
- replaced scm_fetch/update with scm_get
0.7.1 - support for namespaces/actions
0.2.1 - bdsm get head and bdsm get latest functional
0.2.0 - Framework is now based on modules and sporting a DSL
0.0.6 - First official release
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