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Starting with glib 2.69 g_match_info_fetch() returns an empty string
instead of NULL in case when no match was found. Properly handle this

Signed-off-by: Artem Savkov <>

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Discord protocol plugin for bitlbee.


bitlbee-discord plugin is distributed under GPLv2 license.

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see

Build dependencies

bitlbee and headers >= 3.5

If using distribution version of bitlbee you will need to install the dev package, usually bitlbee-dev or bitlbee-devel. If bitlbee was built from source don't forget to do make install-dev.

glib2 and headers => 2.32

The library itself is usually installed as a dependency of bitlbee, headers need to be installed separately. In Debian, the package containing them is libglib2.0-dev.

autotools (if building from git)

A bit of an overkill, but autotools is the build system of choice now, sorry.

Building and Installing

If building from git you will first need to generate autotools configuration script and related files by executing the following command:

$ ./

After that (or when building from a tarball) you can build as usual:

$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

If your bitlbee's plugindir is in non-standard location you can specify it by calling ./configure with --with-plugindir=/path/to/plugindir option.

You can also use the dockerfile from contrib/docker to build a docker container containing bitlbee + bitlbee-discord. Use this command to run the container:

$ docker run -d -v /bitlbee/config:/var/lib/bitlbee -p 6667:6667 --name bitlbee <image>


Plugin adds 'discord' protocol to bitlbee, add your account as usual:

> account add discord <email> <password>
> account discord on

On your first login you might need to authorize bitlbee's ip address (discord will send you an email with a link) or get a captcha-request. In latter case you will have to manually set discord login-token to log in:

> account discord off
> acc discord set token_cache xxxxxxxx

To get your token you'll have to login with your browser and locate it in "local storage"

Chrome: Developer Tools -> Application -> Local Storage -> -> token Firefox: Web Developer -> Storage Inspector -> Local Storage -> -> token

For more info on captcha issue and any progress on making it less painful see #118

You also need to configure discord channels you would like to join/autojoin. To do that use bitlbee's 'chat list' functionality (help chat list and help chat add):

> chat list discord

This will show you the list of available channel with indexes that can be used for adding channels.

> chat add discord !1 #mydiscordchannel
> chan #mydiscordchannel set auto_join true
> /join #mydiscordchannel

If you set auto_join to true, next time you reconnect there will be no need to join the channel manually.


This section describes options available through "account set" bitlbee command (for help on usage of this command see "help account set").

host (type: string; default: "")

Discord server hostname. Just in case discord changes the hostname or there are some alternatives with compatible API.

voice_status_notify (type: boolean; default: no)

This enables text notifications in your control channel about users changing/leaving voice channels. Can be noisy on big servers.

edit_prefix (type: string; default: "EDIT: ")

A string that will be prefixed to an edited message to distinguish those from normal ones.

urlinfo_handle (type: string; default: "urlinfo")

User handle that will be used to post url expansion info such as title and description in groupchats.

max_backlog (type: integer; default: 50)

Maximum number of backlog messages per channel to fetch on connection. Unlike twitter implementation in bitlbee this won't dump seen messages. Setting this to 0 or negative values disables backlog fetching.

send_acks (type: boolean; default: yes)

By default bitlbee-discord will send an "ack" for every message received, thus marking everything as "read" on mobile/webapp. Setting this to false will disable all acks from bitlbee-discord.

mention_suffix (type: string; default: ":")

Suffix used in a regex to look for username mentions to automatically convert your usual irc-style "nick:" mentions to discord's "<@id>" format. So if you type "nick: hello" in bitlbee, it will be displayed as "@nick hello" in discord. This can be multicharacter and you can even do OR logic here because it is actually used as a part of glib regex. That is setting this to "[:,]" will match both "nick:" and "nick,". But beware overcomplicating this may lead to bitlbee-discord spending a lot of time parsing your outgoing messages. Setting this to "" will disable this function.

mention_ignorecase (type: boolean; default: off)

Ignore case when looking for outgoing mentions. This also affects channel mentions.

incoming_me_translation (type: boolean; default: on)

This option controls whether bitlbee-discord will translate incoming messages that are fully italicized (that is enclosed in '*' characters) to '/me' messages.

never_offline (type: boolean; default: off)

Contacts from this account will never appear as offline and will be marked away instead.

server_prefix_len (type: int; default: 3)

Prefix channel names with this many characters of server name. If set to 0 nothing will be prefixed. If set to anything lower than 0 - full server name will be prefixed. Assuming we have a channel "general" on "beecord" server here is what channel name you are going to get with different settings:

-1 - #beecord.general
 0 - #general
 3 - #bee.general

fetch_pinned (type: boolean; default: off)

Fetch pinned messages on channel join.

friendship_mode (type: boolean; default: on)

With this option enabled, online/offline status is determined by the friendship relationship with a user in addition to their actual away status, and other users are added to channels.

always_afk (type: boolean; default: off)

When enabled bitlbee-discord would always report client's status as afk. This feature is not properly documented in official docs, but it presumably can force push notifications to other clients when bitlbee is connected.

emoji_urls (type: boolean; default: on)

Controls whether bitlbee-discord would display an url to emoji image next to it's text alias.

auto_join (type: boolean; default: off)

Automatically join all of the server's channels so you don't have to add them manually (no "chat add" needed).

auto_join_exclude (type: string; default: "")

Comma-separated list of channel patterns to exclude when auto-joining channels. * matches any text, ? matches a single character. For instance, "Foo.*,Bar.A" will exclude all channels from server "Foo" and channel "A" from server "Bar".

verbose (type: boolean; default: off)

Show more protocol-related messages in control channel.


You can enable extra debug output for bitlbee-discord, by setting BITLBEE_DEBUG environment variable. This will enable bitlbee-discord to print all traffic it exchanges with discord servers to stdout and there is a lot of it. To get it on your screen run bitlbee by hand in foreground mode:

$ BITLBEE_DEBUG=1 bitlbee -nvD

then connect with an irc client as you usually do.

WARNING: there IS sensitive information in this debug output, such as auth tokens, your plaintext password and, obviously, your incoming and outgoing messages. Be sure to remove any information you are not willing to share before posting it anywhere.

If you are experiencing crashes please refer to this page for information on how to get a meaningful backtrace:


Please report bugs at github: For questions, bitlbee-discord breakage demonstrations and chitchat you can join the following discord server: or ping trac3r on (irc is preferable).