@sm0svx sm0svx released this Aug 2, 2014 · 967 commits to master since this release

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This release does not introduce any really big news but there have been a
rather long list of smaller changes done since the last major release about
eight months ago.

PTT_TYPE now have to be given in a Tx configuration section: SerialPin, GPIO
Dummy or NONE is supported. The last two do the same thing. The format of the
SERIAL_PIN configuration variable have changed. Instead of the old format,
PINNAME:LEVEL, a exclamation mark is used to indicate inverted operation.
Inverted operation have been added to GPIO PTT/squelch as well. The same
convension is used here with an exclamation mark indicating inverted operation.

An important thing to know about is a change done for a local TX if it is
configured to transmit CTCSS. Previously, when setting CTCSS_LEVEL in a LocalTx
section, the voice level was adjusted down by the same amount that the CTCSS
level was adjusted up. This is just confusing so I removed that compensation.
You may need to readjust the transmit level due to this change.

Other new configuration variables/features: CLOSE_ON_SEL5, disconnect a
specific EchoLink station, SIGLEV_BOGUS_THRESH, millisecond log timestamps,
MUTE_TX_ON_RX, REJECT_CONF (reject EchoLink conference connections),
BIND_ADDR (use a specific network interface for EchoLink).

New EchoLink event handler functions: chat_received, squelch_open. The EchoLink
receive timeout handning have been improved to work better with Apple devices.

Log printouts are now being flushed to file before exit. Previously, if an
error occurred during startup, no printouts would show up in the log causing

One big difference for those building SvxLink from source code is that CMake is
the official build system now. How to build SvxLink using CMake is described in
the INSTALL file that can be found in the root of the source tree.
The old buildsystem is still there but it will probably be removed in the next
release if there are no problems with the CMake buildsystem.

There is one known larger problem left in this release which was also in the
previous release. The EchoLink module may all of a sudden stop talking to the
EchoLink directory server causing it go offline until SvxLink is restarted.

The full list of changes and more details can be found in the README for release 14.08. Information on configuration of new features can be found in the manual pages

English sound clips for SvxLink server is available here.