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DIY Robot lawn mover
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liam - DIY Robot lawn mower

Liam is an arduino project for the DIY Robot Lawn Mover.

This program will control your mower and relies on a two coil configuration (0 and 1) with an optional (2).

The mower is assumed to be rear wheel driven and have three boundary wire reciever coils in the following configuration

|           (0)|
|(2)           |  ----> Mowing direction
|           (1)|

Licensed under GNU GPL 3.0

(c) 2017 Jonas Forssell & team


Most of the default values for your mower can be set in the Definition.h file. Use this to configure your mower for best performance.

Configurations can also be put in a file called LocalDefinition.h, which will override Definition.h but is not tracked by git. This might be useful if you like to stay on top of any code updates, but don't want to remake the same configuration changes all the time.


The following libraries must be added to your arduino IDE to be able to compile the source

  • HMC5883L
  • I2Cdev
  • LiquidCrystal_I2C
  • MPU9150
  • RTClib
  • RTIMULib

The libraries you need are bundled with the liam code within each release.

Change log

5.1 - Removed OzOLED Support for Arduino101 Compatibility


Wiki - work in progress

Facebook group DIY Robot Lawn Mower

Build instructions Trello

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