A procedurally generated dungeon crawler with 2d graphics and a modern take on the old roguelikes
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Dungeon Crawler README

THIS IS A PRE-RELEASE COPY OF DUNGEON CRAWLER. It is not even at alpha quality yet, so set your expectations accordingly. Please report any bugs via the project website's bug tracker.

Dungeon Crawler Screenshot Dungeon Crawler Screenshot


This is the README file for the Dungeon Crawler game. Dungeon Crawler is a simple graphical dungeon crawler inspired by historical roguelikes mixed with modern and unqiue new game design. Explore procedurally generated worlds filled with random dungeons housing epic loot, stake out a portion of the unforgiving wild wildness to call your own and live to tell the tales of your exploits! Just try not to die :)

Game Requirements

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Microsoft .NET 4.6 (Installer provided)

Building Requirements

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (15.3 or later)

Development Notes

Development on the XNAPROTO branch has been succesfull and has been merged back into master. The game now has character movement, and dungeon generation. Next steps are basic combat, world generation, level loading and level transferring.


Contributions to this project are highly encouraged! At the moment the project is in a heavy state of flux (seeing as it is only barely playable), so it might be difficult to contribute new code right now.

Not a programmer? Fear not! I would love for any of the following contributions:

1. Bug reports... let me know if something breaks or isn't right
2. Artwork for the game (I NEED LOTS AND LOTS OF ARTWORK!)
3. Content for the game (Mobs, weapons, magic, all sorts of stuff)
4. Sound and music
5. Documentation
6. Play testing and game balancing

Comments and feedback!! Even if it was just "meh", I would like to know someone tried it out :)

Forward all contributions, inquiries, comments and flames to: scott@smacdo.com

Attributions and Credits

Nobody yet! Why don't contribute something and be the first person on this list :)

See thirdparty/LICENSES.txt for a list of thirdparty software used by this project and for their respective licenses.