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Its a sandbox of code! My dumping ground for all types of common library code, expiremental code, tests and amusing projects. Feel free to pick through anything, its all free to use with attribution
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Scott's Sandbox Repository of Coding Goodness (SSRCG)

"What on earth is this mess?!"

This my friend is Scott's eclectic collection programming goodness, collected
over many years in varying forms of use (or decay, depending on how you look
at it!). Many times I've created some interesting classes, libraries, chunks of
code or even entire applications that didn't warrant enough attention. This
repository is my attempt at collecting all of that work into something
approaching usefulness.


I assembled this repository of code so I collect all the disparate bits and
pieces of stuff I've written over the years. I'd like for this collection to
be useful to everyone out there, so I've attempted to license the codebase
under a very permissive set of licenses. Before using any of my code, please
first check the TOP of its implementation file to see the license for details.

Generally, the following rules apply (but ALWAYS check the file!!!)
  - common       BSD
  - snippets     Public Domain*
  - langs        Public Domain*
  - miniapps     GPL
  - oneoffs      Public Domain*
  - templates    Public Domain*
  - workbench    BSD

* Public Domain: Use this code as you wish, with NO restrictions. I do ask that
you give me an attribution notice (Code by Scott from http://...), but it is
not at all a requirement. Just a request :)

  - common      .       .       This is the "shared" codebase in which I place
                                exceedingly shared/common code that has been
                                thoroughly tested. Much of the repository's
                                other code may be using this.
  - docs        .       .       Common documetentation and headers.
    - license.txt       .       List of source code headers for common licenses
  - extra       .       .       Other, third party code that I find to be used
  - lang        .       .       Snippets of code written in non-C++ languages.
                                (Mostly just tutorial / learning code)
  - miniapps    .       .       Small applications that don't have a home in a
                                full repository (and may not deserve one!)
  - oneoffs     .       .       Simple single file command line applications
                                that were written to quickly prove or test a
                                concept out.
  - snippets    .       .       Non-functional code that is nonetheless quite
                                useful. Frequently demonstrates methods of
                                performing some action.
    - fileformats       .	Non-functional code demonstrating how to load
                                specific file formats
  - templates   .       .       Code "templates". These are functional files
                                that contain all the non-fun boilerplate code
                                with helpful comments. Great for pounding out
                                a quick test app.
  - workbench   .       .       The "meat" of this repository. Files in the
                                workbench are chunks of highly useful and unit
                                tested code. These files are either part of
                                an imcomplete library (and easy to copy-paste!)
                                or have not yet been finished.

I hope this repository of code is useful to other people out there! If you have
any questions, concerns, suggestions or criticism please feel free to contact
me at my e-mail address listed below.

If you find my code useful, please drop me a line! Even if its a "hey thanks
for your code, you really helped me out!) would totally make my day :)

Web   : http://www.whitespaceconsideredharmful.command
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