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Someday I hope to do a screencast of this, but meanwhile ....

Here are files from my NICAR 2014 session Introduction to R for beginners, Feb. 28, 2014.

InstallPackagesNICAR2014.R will install all the add-on packages needed for this session. Note to do the Census data mapping you also need a Census API key -- more details in the IntroToR.R file.

IntroToR.R is the script I went partially through in class. There's lots more that I didn't have time to cover, so even if you went to the class I hope it will be worthwhile to go through the entire script.

Baltimore_City_Employee_Salaries_FY2012.csv is salary data for Baltimore municipal employees.

For more on R, please see:

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-- Sharon Machlis, Online Managing Editor, Computerworld Twitter: @sharon000