.NET bindings for GLFW.
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.NET bindings for GLFW.


Use one of the following options:

  • Compile the GLFWDotNet assembly using Visual Studio or MSBuild.
  • Include GLFW.cs directly in your project.

The glfw dlls must be copied into x86/x64 subdirectories relative to the GLFWDotNet.dll. See the output of the samples. An example MSBuild Target can be seen in the Directory.Build.targets of the samples.

<Target Name="CopyGLFWDlls" AfterTargets="AfterBuild">
  <Copy SourceFiles="$(RepositoryRootDirectory)ext\GLFW\x64\glfw3.dll"
        DestinationFolder="$(TargetDir)x64\" />

  <Copy SourceFiles="$(RepositoryRootDirectory)ext\GLFW\x86\glfw3.dll"
        DestinationFolder="$(TargetDir)x86\" />

RepositoryRootDirectory comes from the Directory.Build.props in the root directory.


There are a few samples showing how to use GLFWDotNet.

  • HelloWorld Basic HelloWorld program to get you started.
  • GLFWInfo Writes information about the system out to the console.