Pressurized soft body simulation in 2 dimensions.
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2D Pressurized Soft Body Simulation

An implementation of Maciej Matyka's soft body tutorial paper.

One of my main reasons for choosing to implement this in Java was the relative ease with which I could demo it using a Java applet. With the development of more stringent security requirements for applets, however, this is no longer the case (unless I shell out 100+ U.S.D. for the ability to sign code using an X.509 certificate backed by a trusted cert authority).

As a result, I decided to port what I had to Processing, which was surprisingly painless. The demo uses Processing.js.

Note: I wrote the original Java code in high school, which is the reason for the single source file, default package, magic numbers, and generally awful code. I cleaned it up a little since then, but not by much. Still, it is nice in that it's self-contained for anybody looking for a terrible example of Java multithreading to manually update AWT components.


Code is released under the FreeBSD / simplified BSD license.