The Rapid Inquiry Facility (RIF) helps epidemiologists and public health researchers in environmental health activities.
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Welcome to the rapidInquiryFacility


The Rapid Inquiry Facility (RIF) is a freely-available software application that supports two types of environmental health activities:

  • disease mapping studies
  • risk analysis studies.

It is designed to help epidemiologists and public health researchers to rapidly investigate potential environmental hazards, especially those related to industrial sites. It uses health, environmental, socio-economic, population and geographic data to calculate risks in relation to sources of exposure and to generate maps.


The documentation is now available as a GitHub Pages site.

If you want to contribute to the documentation, the source files are in the /docs directory in this project.


The old wiki-based documentation has been removed. Everything that was in it has been transferred to the GitHub Pages site.


If you notice any problems with the documentation, please open an issue explaining what is wrong.