Java-Processing sketch sample that demonstrates how to receive OSC Blobs messages from the Tapioca Toys Cardboard app for iPhone.
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Tapioca Toys Cardboard OSC Blobs Receiver

This repository is part of the Tapioca Toys Cardboard project. Learn more at

An OSC Blobs receiving Processing sample

A Java-Processing sketch sample specially built for receiving blob data in the shape of OpenSoundControl messages coming from the free OSC Blobs iPhone app that's available on the App Store.

It works with Processing 3.3.4 and later, and its OSC library.

OSC Blobs communicating with Processing sample on Mac

Receive everything on the 14041 port number, use /tapiocatoys/blob as message pattern and check for a iiiii typetag. The first integer is the id of the blob, and the four others are its position vector (x,y) as well as the bounding box dimensions (w,h).

OSC Blobs communicating with Processing sample on Mac

Check out a demo video at