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Tapioca Toys Cardboard OSC Receivers for Processing

This repository is part of the Tapioca Toys Cardboard project. Learn more at

Here you'll find OSC Blobs and OSC State receiving Processing sketches specially built for receiving blob and state data in the shape of OpenSoundControl messages coming from the free OSC Blobs iPhone app and free OSC State iPhone app that are available on the App Store.

They work with Processing 3.3.4 and later, and its OSC library.

Check out a video demo of the Blobs basic sketch at and another of the Blobs flocking sketch at and yet another of the State flow field sketch at

See more README's in their respective sketches' folders

State FlowField sample on Mac: OSC State communicating with Processing sample on Mac

Blobs Particles sample on Mac: OSC Blobs communicating with Particles sample on Mac


Processing sketches that demonstrate how to receive OSC Blobs and OSC State messages from the Tapioca Toys Cardboard apps for iPhone.




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