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Composer package which adds support for HTML5 elements using Laravels Form interface (e.g. Form::date())
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Laravel HTML 5 Inputs

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Composer package which adds support for HTML5 elements by extending Laravel's Form interface (e.g. Form::date())

Adds support for: color, date, datetime, datatime-local, month, number, range, search, tel, time, week. Laravel Form interfce supports Email & Url out of the box.

This package allows you to use HTML5 inputs the same way as normal text fields Form::color('inputName');

Upgrade From v1

  1. In your composer.json file, update the require line for this package to 2.*
"require": {
    "smalldogs/html5inputs": "2.*"
  1. In your command line, run composer update.

  2. Follow Step 2 below.

New Installation

  1. On your command line
composer require "smalldogs/html5inputs:2.*"
  1. REPLACE the form alias with the new, extended facade, in app/config/app.php.
'aliases' => array(
      'Form'            => 'Smalldogs\Html5inputs\Html5InputsFacade',
//  'Form'            => 'Illuminate\Support\Facades\Form',
  1. Add the service provider to your app/config/app.php providers array
'providers' => array(

How to Use

Just like your normal Form interface.

// Create a date field

// Create a pre-populated month field for June 2014
Form::month('hottestMonth', '2014-06');

// Create an empty input with bootstrap styles
Form::search('searchBox', null, ['class' => 'form-control']);

// Auto-associate label with input (use the same name)
Form::label('favoriteColor', 'Select Your Favorite Color');
Form::color('favoriteColor', '#FFAE25');

// Use Form-model binding
$user = new User();
$user->phoneNumber = '123-555-5555';
{{ Form::model($user) }}
    {{ Form::label('phoneNumber', 'Update Your Phone #') }}
    {{ Form::tel('phoneNumber') }}
{{ Form::close() }}

Changes from v1

The major difference between v1 and v2 is how the Form class is extended. Version 1 made use of the Form::macro method, while v2 creates a Facade which extends \Illuminate\Support\Facades\Form directly.

This allows for more direct similarity between the handling of the new methods and the default methods ( such as "text" or "email").

This also enables Form Model Binding with the new HTML5 elements.