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Small Media CKAN Notes

  1. vagrant up should get you a working local install
  2. vagrant ssh to login to the vagrant machine
  3. From the /vagrant directory (which is the default), run paster serve /etc/ckan/default/ckan.ini
  4. Visit the app at

Working with paster on local

  • To create a sysadmin account, run: paster sysadmin add myusername -c /etc/ckan/default/ckan.ini
  • If you build a new extension remember to run the installation commands before adding it to plugins list in the config file:
    1. . /home/vagrant/bin/activate (local) or . /webapps/iod-ckan/bin/activate (staging/live)
    2. cd ckanext-nameofextension/
    3. python develop
  • To edit your local config file: sudo vi /etc/ckan/default/ckan.ini. On staging/live machine exit from CKAN user first

Deploy to iod-ckan-live

  1. Go to the deploy folder: cd deploy
  2. Run the deploy script: ansible-playbook live.yml

Working with paster on iod-ckan-live

  • Login to iod-ckan-live: ssh
  • Switch to the CKAN user: sudo su - iod-ckan
  • paster <command> /etc/ckan/default/ckan.ini
  • If server not running: sudo service supervisor restart (exit from CKAN user first)

Update View Tracking

If you already deployed the ckan, set ckan.tracking_enabled to true in the [app:main] section of your CKAN configuration file (e.g /etc/ckan/default/ckan.ini):

ckan.tracking_enabled = true

Otherwise the ckan config file will be created based on ckan.ini.j2 witch the tracking_enabled is true by default.

To update tracking summary: paster tracking update -c /etc/ckan/default/ckan.ini

To rebuild the serch index: paster search-index rebuild -c /etc/ckan/default/ckan.ini

Also it's possible to create a cron job to do the updating and rebuilding periodically. run crontab -e and add this line to current cron file:

@hourly /usr/lib/ckan/bin/paster --plugin=ckan tracking update -c /etc/ckan/default/ckan.ini && /usr/lib/ckan/bin/paster --plugin=ckan search-index rebuild -r -c /etc/ckan/default/ckan.ini

Be sure that the path of the paster is correct. The @hourly can be replaced with @daily, @weekly or @monthly.


To install showcase:

cd ckanext-showcase
python develop
pip install -r dev-requirements.txt

Showcase will create it's tables. CKAN timeout when Showcase is enabled for the first time. to solve the problem you need to disable all plugins. Edit the local config file: sudo vi /etc/ckan/default/ckan.ini and comment out the ckan.plugins line. then add this line instead: ckan.plugins = showcase and run the CKAN. After creating the tables, enable all plugins again.

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