This script is use to generator ios app icons more easier.
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iOS APP ICONS Generator


ios-icon-generator is a shell script which aim to generate iOS APP icons easier and simply. image

VERSION: 1.0.0
    ./ srcfile dstpath

    This script aim to generate ios app icons easier and simply.

    srcfile - The source png image. Preferably above 1024x1024
    dstpath - The destination path where the icons generate to.

    This script is depend on ImageMagick. So you must install ImageMagick first
    You can use 'sudo brew install ImageMagick' to install it


    This script follow MIT license.

    ./ 1024.png ~/123


  1. Install ImageMagick

    Before you run this script, please check whether you had install ImageMagick. If you don't have install. Follow this:

    sudo brew install ImageMagick
  2. Clone And Chmod

    git clone
    cd ios-icon-generator
    chmod 777
  3. Run
    StarnetdeMacBook-Pro:ios-icon-generator starnet$ ./ ~/Downloads/1024.png ~/output
    [INFO] Generate iTunesArtwork.png ...
    [INFO] Generate iTunesArtwork@2x.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon-Small.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon-Small@2x.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon-Small@3x.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon-Small-40.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon-Small-40@2x.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon-Small-40@3x.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon-60.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon-60@2x.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon-60@3x.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon-76.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon-76@2x.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon@2x.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon-72.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon-72@2x.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon-Small-50.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Icon-Small-50@2x.png ...
    [INFO] Generate Done.
    PS: You can find out the icons in ~/output directory.

Navigation bar items

There is also another shell script to generate navigation bar icons, that works in the same way.

Generic images

With the script you can generate a set of three images to use in your app (myimg.png, myimg@2.png, myimg@3.png). Use it in this way ./ icon-big.png ~/asset_dir 100. The third parameter is the final base size of the image: using 100, your output image.png will be 100x100 px, image@2.png 200x200 and image@3.png 300x300. `



  • 1.0.0
    • Generate all size icons for iPhone and iPad.


This script follow MIT license.


If you have any question with using it, you can email to me. My email is: