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Social Page

A simple web application to help you connect with your friends--find and learn more about them here can be easier.


  • Listing friends’ profile from profile API with pagination
  • Allow to check detail info of your friends
  • Display country flag on friends’ profile detail from REST Countries API
  • Filter profile based on gender, age, and countries
  • Search for your friends from your friend list
  • Add profiles to your favorite list
  • Manage your favorite list
  • Send email to your friends
  • Travel to top of the page


  • Display only twelve profiles on a page
  • Click the number link of the page to travel across pages
  • Click the buttons with arrow icon to visit last or next page

Filter Profile

  • Click the Favorite button on the navbar to open filter control
  • Mark the choices in gender and age categories to display related profiles
  • Choose all or one of the countries to display related profiles

Search Profile

  • Input key words to the search box

Favorite List

  • Click the Heart Icon on the profile to keep it on or remove from the favorite list
  • Click the Favorite button on the navbar to check out the favorite list


  • Click the Connect Now button on the profile or profile detail to open email software, allowing you to send your friend an email

Travel to top

  • Click the Top button at the bottom right corner to travel back to top of the page

Website Display

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