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React Native Adobe Analytics

React Native bridge for Adobe Analytics.


$ npm install react-native-adobe-analytics --save

Automatic linking

$ react-native link

Configuration file

Get your ADBMobileConfig.json file from Adobe Mobile Services.

  • On iOS, add the ADBMobileConfig.json file to your XCode project so that it's accessible in your bundle.
  • On Android, the ADBMobileConfig.json file must be placed in the assets folder.

iOS Configuration

Install Adobe Mobile SDK

Add this to your Podfile and run pod install

pod 'AdobeMobileSDK', '~> 4.14.1'

When using !use_frameworks in your Podfile, add this to your didFinishLaunchingWithOptions function in AppDelegate.m

[ADBMobile overrideConfigPath:[[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"ADBMobileConfig" ofType:@"json"]];


Javascript API

Import the javascript class:

import {AdobeAnalyticsAPI} from 'react-native-adobe-analytics'


Static methods


Initializes Adobe Analytics

  • debug: Boolean

trackState(state, contextData)

Track a view or screen in your app

  • state: String
  • contextData: Object

trackAction(action, contextData)

Track an event or an action in your app

  • action: String
  • contextData: Object

React components

Initializes Adobe Analytics

<AdobeAnalytics debug={true} />

Track a view or screen in your app

  state="Home screen"

Track an event or an action in your app

  action="Logged in"
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