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The function addBrowseColumnTotal() can be added to a form's Custom Code to add a total row (or multiple total rows) at the bottom of a Browse Table.

addBrowseColumnTotal(columns, op, number, title); 


  • columns: array of columns. E.g. ['1','2']
  • op (operation): Sum: totalOperations.SUM, Average: totalOperations.AVG, Weighted Average: totalOperations.AVG_W
  • (total row) number: number of the total column
  • (total row) title: Title of the total column

Example 1: Add a total row (sum)

  addBrowseColumnTotal(['1','2','3','4'], totalOperations.SUM, 1, 'Total');  

Example 2: Adding multiple total rows

  addBrowseColumnTotal(['1','2','3','4'], totalOperations.SUM, 1, 'Sum');
  addBrowseColumnTotal(['1','2','3','4'], totalOperations.AVG, 2, 'Average');

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