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Installing nuBuilder

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nuBuilder requirements

In order to run nuBuilder, you will need to have MySQL (Version 5.5 and newer) or MariaDB installed, along with a web server (e.g. Apache or Nginx) that supports PHP (Version 7.1 and newer)

Advice: With the help of a local server (one that is hosted on your own machine or local computer), you can test your website as many times you want before updating it to the web server. It saves your time as well as it is easy to use. There are packages for different platforms, e.g: XAMPP, WAMP, LAMP, MAMP, Uniform Server etc.

If you would like your nuBuilder site to send emails, you will also need access to an SMTP server.

1. Download

Download the nuBuilder 4 files from either Github or Sourceforge.

2. Unpack

Unpack the files into a directory on your server. E.g \nubuilder4

3. Create a database

Create a new MySQL or Maria DB database:

Using a tool like ‘phpMyAdmin’, or some other application provided by your hosting provider, create a database and assign it a user-name and password. The name of the database can be whatever you need it to be. (e.g. nubuilder4) (For detailed instructions, see here)

4. Settings in nuconfig

Update the following variables in nuconfig.php:

  • nuConfigDBHost
  • nuConfigDBName
  • nuConfigDBUser
  • nuConfigDBPassword
  • nuConfigDBGlobeadminUsername
  • nuConfigDBGlobeadminPassword


$nuConfigDBHost                 = "";      //-- Use an IP address or server name e.g.,  or  localhost
$nuConfigDBName                 = "nubuilder4";     //-- Database name
$nuConfigDBUser                 = "root";           //-- Database username
$nuConfigDBPassword             = "";               //-- Database password
$nuConfigDBGlobeadminUsername   = "globeadmin";     //-- globeadmin username
$nuConfigDBGlobeadminPassword   = "notpassword";    //-- globeadmin password
$nuConfigTitle                  = "nuBuilder 4";    //-- String Will be displayed in the browser's tab title
$nuConfigIsDemo                 = false;            //-- Demo modus

As a best practice, please create a new MySQL user and do not use root!

5. (Optional) Settings under Linux (sometimes also under Windows)

Edit the file /etc/alternatives/my.cnf and add this configuration at the bottom:




6. Log in

After you have completed these steps you should be able to go to a url that will look something like the following:

Log in using globeadmin as the user-name and the password you specified.

7. Setup inside nuBuilder

Click the Setup Button on the Setup Tab of the Home Form to edit the following...

Timeout Time Zone

Language: Set the language for the globeadmin user.

Email Settings Header The Header is placed in the HTML5 header of nuBuilder Forte and can be used for adding...

  • Javascript libraries
  • Javascript functions
  • Style Sheets
  • CSS Styles

8. Next steps

Read the nuBuilder Forte User Guide (see link below), join the Forums to search for answers or ask questions.

Useful links: