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PdfParser, a standalone PHP library, provides various tools to extract data from a PDF file.
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Pdf Parser, a standalone PHP library, provides various tools to extract data from a PDF file.

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Website :

Test the API on our demo page.

This project is supported by Actualys.


Features included :

  • Load/parse objects and headers
  • Extract meta data (author, description, ...)
  • Extract text from ordered pages
  • Support of compressed pdf
  • Support of MAC OS Roman charset encoding
  • Handling of hexa and octal encoding in text sections
  • PSR-0 compliant (autoloader)
  • PSR-1 compliant (code styling)

Currently, secured documents are not supported.

This Library is still under active development. As a result, users must expect BC breaks when using the master version.


Read the documentation on website.

Original PDF References files can be downloaded from this url :


This library is under the LGPLv3 license.

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