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A tiny and easy-using jQuery plugin for zoomimg images


##Quick start

Get the package with :

meteor add wdhif:jzoom

Call the plugin on an image's container as simple as


All done !


Custom the plugin with available options which are listed below.

    option: value,
    option2: value2,
Option Type Default Description
width Number 400 The width of zooming window.
height Number 400 The height of zooming window.
position String "right" The relative positon to the zoomed image or container. "top", "bottom" and "left" are permitted.
offsetX Number 20 The deviation on X-asix, can't be negative.
offsetY Number 0 The deviation on Y-asix, can't be negative.
opacity Number 0.6 The opacity of lens div.
bgColor String "#fff" The background color of lens div.
loading String "Loading..." The loading text on zooming window when big image is loading.
suffixName String "_big" The suffix name of big image.
imgType String the zoomed image type The type of big image. The default option is recommended.


  1. No CSS needed.

  2. The container will be added position: relative if it's not positioned.