Meteor package for PayPal REST API.
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Meteor package for PayPal REST API.

  • Basic payments
  • Credit card payments
  • Adapted forms & templates


meteor add smaltcreation:paypal-rest-api


If you haven't already, sign up for a developer account at: and create a sandbox application.

In your project, create a file server/lib/paypal.js with your application configuration including:

  host: '',
  client_id: 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID',
  client_secret: 'YOUR_SECRET_KEY'

Create a payment

With a credit card

Proceed a payment with a credit card is a two steps work:

Client side

First, you should display the form template like this:

{{> smaltPayPalCreditCardForm totalAmount=42 currency="" tax="TTC"}}

You can provide several parameters for the template. Those three are required.

  • totalAmount show the total price of your transaction
  • currency €, $, £, wathever you want to display
  • tax indicate if it's tax free or not
  • id the #id of your form. Usefull if you have several form in the same page
  • noButton true if you don't want to display the submit button

Then, you need to look for the event which validate the form like a click on a button or when the form is submited:{
    'submit form': function (event) {'youServerSideMethod', PaymentForm.getCreditCard(), function (error, result) {
        // Do wathever you want to do client side
        // like open a sweet alert with the result or the error

All transactions must be validated server side with your methods ! That's why:'youServerSideMethod'...

Note that PaymentForm.getCreditCard() returns an object with card's informations exported from our form.

Server side

Create a server/methods/paypal.js file when you are going to place all you logic.

It's a good practice to follow those steps:

  • Validations: check if all your informations other than the credit card are good, like if the user is log in
  • Set up the amount: if you need to do operation like apply taxes...
  • Call the package and create the payment with the card and amount objects
  • Transmit errors or the result client side if you need to
youServerSideMethod: function (card) {
   * Before calling the package, you need to make sure that your inputs are well submitted.
   * Remember : never trust user input.
   * That's why validations.
  if (!Meteor.userId()) {
      throw new Meteor.Error('not-authorized');

  // Then, set up the amount with your values.
  var transactions = [];
      amount: {
          total: 42,
          currency: EUR

  // Call the package to create the Payment
  try {
      var payment = Smalt.PayPal.createCardPayment(card, transactions);

      // Error are catched, so
      // Do whatever you want like loging the payment
      // You can also return it to the client
      return payment;
  } catch (e) {
      throw new Meteor.Error('paypal');

var transactions = [] is an array of amount objects who require a total and a currency

The package is gonna implement a function who automaticly treats those objects with user data.*

And that's all you need to do for a complete credit card payment.