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A Python module for printing with POS printers (receipt printers)
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You need pySerial and PIL (Python Image Library) for pyPOSprinter to work. On Debian/Ubuntu:
apt-get install python-serial python-imaging

See for an example of how to use pyPOSprinter. For more information simply import pyPOSprinter and see the help:

from pyPOSprinter import pyPOSprinter

The code is tested to work with the following printers (but may very well work on many others): NCR RealPOS 7197 Epson TM-T88IIIP/M129C

pyqrnative (SVN revision 3) is included in order for you to get quickly started with pyPOSprinter and QR-codes. You may download the newest version from the main website:

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