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This repository contains the source code for evaluation of lower and upper bounds of the treewidth of undirected graphs. It implements a subset of the algorithms described in this paper and this paper.


The Makefile is in the main folder, so simply execute make:

make clean; make

The output binary is treedecomp.


The code needs the Boost C++ library headers, and specifically the Fibonacci heap implementation. It assumes the include files are present in /usr/local/include. If your Boost installation is someplace else, you have to modify the INCLUDE_DIRS directive in Makefile. The binary library does not need to be linked.


The program expects as input a graph in the following format, one edge per line:

node1 <TAB> node2

where node1 and node2 are the endpoints of the edge.

The usage is the following:

./treedecomp --upper|lower <graph_file> [<method> [<partial_degree>]]

The parameters are:

  • upper|lower chooses between upper or lower bounds
  • graph_file is the name of the graph file
  • method is the criteria by which each node is chosen next in the decomposition sequence, and can have the following values: 0 minimum degree (default), 1 minimum fill in, and 2 minimum degree+fill in (only for upper bounds)
  • partial_degree is the maximum degree at which the decomposition will stop; in this case, the output files will contain a partial decomposition -- this is useful for large graphs (only for upper bounds)


The output will be a file with the name ..dec containing the tree decomposition.

The format is the following:


treewidth is a number representing the estimated treewidth, number_nodes is the number of nodes in the tree decomposition of the graph.

<node_list contains number_nodes blocks representing the tree nodes, each in the following format:


node_id is the id of the nodes, num_nodes is the number of graph nodes in the tree node, node_list is a whitespace delimited list of the nodes, parent_id is the id of the parent of the node in the tree, num_children is the number of child nodes in the tree, and child_list is the list of their ids (if any).


This code has been tested with the graph datasets available here



The source code is provided as-is under an MIT License.


Computing estimations of graph treewidth







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