Django site for searching and browsing Wikileaks' Afghan War Diaries
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This is the Django source code that runs, a tool which enables rich browsing and searching of the WikiLeaks Afghan War Diaries document archive.


1. Dependencies

It is recommended that you install using pip and virtualenv. To install dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt -E /path/to/your/virtualenv

Style sheets are compiled using Compass.

2. Database settings

Copy the file to, and add your database settings. PostgreSQL is required due to raw SQL queries for full-text search. Other databases might work with modification, but would likely not be as fast.

3. Data

Next, you will need data. This project contains only the code to run the site, and not the leaked documents. The documents themselves must be separately obtained at:,_2004-2010

To import the documents, download the CSV format file, and run the following management command:

python import_wikileaks path/to/file.csv

The import process will take some time.


Granted to the public domain.