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Full build

The Gradle build requires at least Java 11.

Check if Java is installed and which version is used by default:

java -version

If needed, set JAVA_HOME to an installation of Java 11 or greater:


Then, run a full build with Gradle Wrapper:

./gradlew :jarhc:build

To run a build without unit and integration tests:

./gradlew :jarhc:build -Pskip.tests

To run the release tests:

./gradlew :jarhc-release-tests:test

To run the benchmarks:

./gradlew :jarhc-benchmarks:runBenchmarks

Sonar analysis

Run a full build first (see above).

Next, set your Sonar token for SonarCloud.

export SONAR_TOKEN=your-token-here

Finally, run the Sonar analysis.

./gradlew sonar

Scan results can be found in SonarCloud: