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Release notes

Version 1.2

  • Feature: New report format "list" implemented. It is a plain text format but uses a list-like approach instead of ASCII art tables. It is expected to be more useful when comparing reports with tools like diff.
  • Feature: Blacklist analyzer: Report executable files bundled as resources: .exe, .dll, .so, .bat, .sh.
  • Feature: New command line option "--skip-empty" to exclude empty sections from the report.
  • Feature: New command line options "--data " and "--nodata" added.
  • Dependencies: Upgrade to ASM 7.1, JUnit 5.4.2, and Mockito 2.27.0.

Version 1.1

  • Feature: Support for nested JAR files ("JARs in JARs").
  • Change: Combine Class Hierarchy analyzer, Missing Classes analyzer, Method References analyzer, and Field References analyzer into a new Binary Compatibility analyzer.
  • Change: Merge Shadowed Classes analyzer and Duplicate Resources analyzer into Duplicate Classes analyzer.
  • Change: Merge Unstable APIs analyzer into Blacklist analyzer.
  • Feature: Binary Compatibility: If a class is not found, check if the package of the class exists. If the package does exist, it is probably a compatibility issue. Otherwise, it is more likely a missing (potentially optional) dependency.
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