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A couple basic rules about the maintainence of eg:
0) I'm a bloody horrible maintainer, sometimes going for months without
responding to inquiries/patches. Yeah, I know, I deserve to be
replaced. Sorry. Also, I turn down some good ideas. And some good
ideas that I turn down I suddenly change my mind on a year later.
1) At any given time, all the tests should pass *if* running with
corresponding git and eg versions (run 'eg --version' to check). To
run the tests:
# See t/README for more details; note that the tests
cd t/
make -j2
2) Version numbers (appearing on or near lines 4 & 27 of eg)
a) For a release, the version number of eg should match the version of
git it was tested against, see below for more details. (New rule
since v1.6.5.2)
b) After a release of eg, the version string should have ".dev"
appended to it.
3) Having eg be tested against a certain version of git means both that
the given version of git was in the path, but also that the tests were
merged with the given version of git.git's t/ subdirectory (and
updated as needed for eg-specific changes). To merge with git.git's
changes to t/:
# Preliminaries
tempdir=~/temp # or whatever
# Make a "filtered" clone of git.git's tests (all tagged releases anyway)
git init --bare $tempdir
cd /path/to/git.git/clone
git fast-export $(git tag | grep -e $'^v[0-9\.]*$') \
--signed-tags=strip --tag-of-filtered-object=rewrite -- t/ \
| (cd $tempdir && git fast-import --quiet --force)
# Fetch this test history into the local eg project
cd /path/to/eg
eg remote add testing $tempdir
eg config remote.testing.fetch +refs/tags/*:refs/remotes/git/*
eg fetch --no-tags testing
# Merge any new changes from the relevant version
eg merge git/$testversion
# Then, fix up any tests (particularly the needed -b flag to commit)
# as needed and test and commit.
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