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SMART Documentation

This is the SMART technical documentation, hosted at

Installing Jekyll and Friends

First, you'll need the Jekyll static site generator installed. The full installation instructions are here, but you probaly can just do:

$ gem install jekyll

There are two other libraries to install to generate these documents:

  1. redcarpet: our preferred Ruby Markdown processor. Note: the current version of redcarpet is incompatible and won't work with jekyll so you'll need to install the specific version below:

     $ gem install redcarpet --version=1.17.2
  2. Pygments: the Python-based syntax highligher, this installation instructions for which are at the bottom of the Jekyll page above.

Once the required software is installed, generating the static site (in the _site directory) is simply running

    $ jekyll

on the commandline. In some cases you'll need to do jekyll --no-auto if Jekyll's file change watching is not working. That command will force all pages to be regenerated.

Jekyll can serve up the site on http://localhost:4000 by adding --server to the commands above.

    $ jekyll --no-auto --server

will force regeneration of the site (and turn off auto-regeneration) and start the local webserver.

Generating the API and Datamodel Docs

Run the script at the top of the repository to re-generate the API and datamodel documentation from the SMART ontology included via submodule in the smart_common directory.