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Smart Data Models

Open License

The availability of widely adopted (de-facto standard) information models is key for creating a global digital single market of interoperable and replicable (portable) IoT-enabled smart solutions in multiple domains. Such models provide an essential element in the common technical ground needed for standards-based open innovation and procurement.

Data Models play a crucial role because they define the harmonised representation formats and semantics that will be used by applications both to consume and to publish data.

The Smart Data Models board (FIWARE Foundation, TM Forum, OASC and IUDX) are leading a joint collaboration program to support the adoption of a reference architecture and compatible common data models that underpin a digital market of interoperable and replicable smart solutions in multiple sectors.

This GitHub repository contains links to the repositories where different groups or data models are contained. Data models are documented in JSON Schemas and automatic documentation is generated based on the schemas.

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