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Streetlighting Data Model
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Street Lighting Data Models

Streetlights, commonly known as 'lamp-posts', are designed to make the streets safer for pedestrians and drivers. These data models are intended to model streetlights and all their controlling equipment towards energy-efficient and effective urban illuminance.

It encompasses the following entity types:

  • Streetlight. It represents a particular instance of a streetlight. A streetlight is composed by a lantern and a lamp. Such elements are mounted on a column (pole), wall or other structure.
  • StreetlightGroup. It represents a group of streetlights being part of the same circuit and controlled together by an automated system.
  • StreetlightModel. It represents a model of streetlight composed by a specific supporting structure model, a lantern model and a lamp model. A streetlight instance will be based on a certain streetlight model.
  • StreetlightControlCabinet. It represents automated equipment, usually on street, typically used to control a group(s) of streetlights, i.e. one or more circuits.
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