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The repository for smart grid semantic models by Smart Electric Power Alliance's Electric Grid Ontology Task Force

A Rosetta Stone for the Smart Grid Expert

Get acquainted with and test your new favorite tool, SEPA’s Smart Grid Ontology

Smart Grid’s Language Problem

The vocabulary and language of the smart grid is a problem even for seasoned experts. Teams speak about the same terms and often miscommunicate them as different objects and concepts. This makes cross-organizational discussions and assessments inefficient and frustrating.

Eliminating Communication Friction

SEPA’s Smart Grid Ontology addresses the frustration and inefficiency problem of smart grid communication head-on. This ontology contains a common set of architectural/business elements and categorical definitions that can be readily used, interpreted, understood, and modeled the same way across projects and organizations.

How Your Organization May Benefit

  • Eliminate financial losses from misinterpretation of business information 

  • Receive the best procurement proposals by accurately describing desired project outcome and terms 

  • Reduce integration time and effort caused by misunderstood project assumptions

Building on a Tried and True Methodology

Several industries have successfully implemented their respective ontologies, leading to increased efficiencies and success:

  • Financial Services
  • Biomedical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil and Gas

Your Next Steps

Getting started with SEPA’s Smart Grid Ontology is quick and painless. To get your organization onboard, visit our repository and contact our team at