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Swift-SMART is a full client implementation of the 🔥FHIR specification written in Swift.

It contains classes representing all default profiles (i.e. data models) and provides an implementation of Client and Server objects to communicate with a FHIR server. Authorization with servers protected by OAuth2 is supported out of the box.

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To get you off the ground quickly, here's how you instantiate a Client handle, have the user login and select a patient, then fetch that patient's MedicationOrder resources:

import SMART

// create the client
let smart = Client(
    baseURL: "",
    settings: [
        //"client_id": "my_mobile_app",       // if you have one
        "redirect": "smartapp://callback",    // must be registered

// authorize, then search for prescriptions
smart.authorize() { patient, error in
    if nil != error || nil == patient {
        // report error
    else {["patient":])
        .perform(smart.server) { bundle, error in
            if nil != error {
                // report error
            else {
                let meds = bundle?.entry?
                    .filter() { return $0.resource is MedicationOrder }
                    .map() { return $0.resource as! MedicationOrder }
                // now `meds` holds all known patient prescriptions
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