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Smart table binding for Vuejs. Refer to the documentation website for more details.

Checkout the online demo

Come as a set of convenient mixins so you can focus on your templates only.

Getting started


Through a package manager you can install the smart-table-vue package

yarn add smart-table-vue


npm install --save smart-table-vue


import {sort, table as tableMixin} from 'smart-table-vue';
import {table} from 'smart-table-core';

//use "sort" mixin to add a sortable behavior
Vue.component("SortableHeader", {
  mixins: [sort],
  template: `<th v-bind:class="[activeClass]"  v-on:click="toggle"><slot></slot></th>`,
  data: function() {
    return { activeClass: "" };
  watch: {
    stState: function(val) {
      const { pointer, direction } = val;
      if (pointer === this.stSort) {
        this.activeClass = direction === "asc"
          ? "st-sort-asc"
          : direction === "desc" ? "st-sort-desc" : "";
      } else {
        this.activeClass = "";

//use "table" mixin to add a table behavior
Vue.component("PersonTable", {
  mixins: [tableMixin],
  template: `
            <th is="sortable-header" :smart-table="smartTable" st-sort="surname">Surname</th>
            <th is="sortable-header" :smart-table="smartTable" st-sort="name">Name</th>
      <tr v-for="item in displayed">

const persons = table({
  data: [
    { surname: "Renard", name: "Laurent" },
    { surname: "Leponge", name: "Bob" }

//your app
new Vue({
  el: "#container",
  data: {
    smartTable: persons
  template: `<Person-table :smart-table="smartTable"/>`

see with CodePen


In this repository, you will find a full example with pagination, sort, search and "advanced" filters.

run npm run build:example and serve the index.html file