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Home Assistant component to control Climate, TV and Fan devices via Broadlink, Xiaomi and MQTT IR/RF controllers
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SmartIR is a custom Home Assistant component for controlling AC units, TV sets and fans via Infrared and RF controllers. An IR or RF controller such as Broadlink is required.

The key features of the component are:

  • Support for Base64, Broadlink Hex and Pronto codes.
  • Support for external temperature and humidity sensors (Climate platform)
  • Support for external on/off sensor that monitors whether your device is actually On or Off. This may be a power monitor sensor.
  • Support for voice assistants.

Component setup instructions

  1. Create a directory custom_components in your Home Assistant configuration directory.
  2. Copy smartir from this project including all files and sub-directories into the directory custom_components.

It should look similar to this after installation:

|-- custom_components/
|   |-- smartir/
|       |--
|       |--
|       |--
|       |--
|       |-- etc...
  1. Add the following to your configuration.yaml file.

Platform setup instructions

SmartIR Climate

SmartIR Media Player

SmartIR Media Player

Update the component

The component will check for updates each time HA is restarted. When there is a new version, a Persistent Notification will appear. Use the services smartir.check_updates to manually check for updates and smartir.update_component to start the automatic update. If you would like to get update notifications from the rc branch, configure SmartIR as follows:

  update_branch: rc


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