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SmartIR is a custom integration for controlling climate devices, media players and fans via infrared controllers.
SmartIR currently supports the following controllers:

More than 120 climate devices are currently supported out-of-the-box, mainly for the Broadlink controller, thanks to our awesome community.

Don't forget to star the repository if you had fun!



(1) Place the custom_components folder in your configuration directory (or add its contents to an existing custom_components folder). It should look similar to this:

<config directory>/
|-- custom_components/
|   |-- smartir/
|       |--
|       |--
|       |--
|       |--
|       |-- etc...

(2) Add the following to your configuration.yaml file.


SmartIR automatically detects updates after each HA startup and asks you to install them. It also has a mechanism that prevents you from updating if the last SmartIR version is incompatible with your HA instance. You can disable this feature by setting SmartIR as follows:

  check_updates: false

If you would like to get updates from the rc branch (Release Candidate), configure SmartIR as follows:

  update_branch: rc

(3) Configure a platform.


If you want HACS to handle installation and updates, add SmartIR as a custom repository. In this case, it is recommended that you turn off automatic updates, as above.

Platform setup instructions

Click on the links below for instructions on how to configure each platform.

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