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SmartIR Media Player

For this platform to work, we need a .json file containing all the necessary IR commands. Find your device's brand code here and add the number in the device_code field. The compoenent will download it to the correct folder. If your device is not working, you will need to learn your own codes and place the .json file in smartir/codes/media_player/ subfolders. Please note that the device_code field only accepts positive numbers. The .json extension is not required.

Configuration variables:

name (Optional): The name of the device
unique_id (Optional): An ID that uniquely identifies this device. If two devices have the same unique ID, Home Assistant will raise an exception.
device_code (Required): ...... (Accepts only positive numbers)
controller_send_service (Required): The service that will be used to send the commands. Only broadlink_send_packet (Broadlink controller) and mqtt.publish is currently supported.
controller_command_topic (Optional): MQTT topic on which to send commands when controller_send_service is mqtt.publish
power_sensor (Optional): entity_id for a sensor that monitors whether your device is actually On or Off. This may be a power monitor sensor. (Accepts only on/off states)

Example (using broadlink controller):


  - platform: broadlink
    mac: '00:00:00:00:00:00'
  - platform: smartir
    name: Living room TV
    unique_id: living_room_tv
    device_code: 1000
    controller_send_service: switch.broadlink_send_packet_192_168_10_10
    power_sensor: binary_sensor.tv_power

Make sure the broadlink switch is already installed. Go to the Home Assistant UI/dev service, find the broadlink send_packet service and copy the name of it. Add the name of the send_packet service to the controller_send_service field.

Example (using mqtt controller):


  - platform: smartir
    name: Living room TV
    unique_id: living_room_tv
    device_code: 2000
    controller_send_service: mqtt.publish
    controller_command_topic: home-assistant/living-room-tv/command
    power_sensor: binary_sensor.tv_power

Available codes for TV devices:

Below are the code files created by the people in the community. Before you start creating your own code file, try if one of them works for your device. Please open an issue if your device is working and not included in the supported models.


Code Supported Models Controller
1000 Unknown Broadlink


Code Supported Models Controller
1020 KDL-46HX800 Broadlink


Code Supported Models Controller
1040 22MT47DC Broadlink


Code Supported Models Controller
1060 UE40F6500


Code Supported Models Controller
1080 NS-42D510NA15 Broadlink
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