@smartbitcoin smartbitcoin released this May 11, 2018

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Update for ubuntu 18.04 with Rocm 1.9 support:
you need SmartMinerV4.lib.bz as legacy dependency for this new OS and release.

  1. tar xvf SmartMinerV4.lib.bz2
  2. export LD_LIBRARY_PATH= where_your _extracted_smartminerV4.lib_path\

ubuntu 16.04
Rocm 1.8

Amd vega or polaris, fiji .


please confirm driver by

After driver installed , please install libboost dependency.

sudo apt install libboost-thread1.58.0 libboost-log1.58.0 libboost-date-time1.58.0

good to go
./SmartMiner.v4.YOU_GPU_MODEL -l POOL:PORT -cd 0 -u YOUR_WALLLET

already known issue

  1. multi gpu support still in dev.
  2. rock driver not very stable yet.

forum support :

@smartbitcoin smartbitcoin released this Apr 29, 2018

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bug fix version:

fix duplicated shares issue. it corrected the sols/s without count in duplicates.

Please verify md5 sum before execute the binary.

$ md5sum SmartMinerV31.tar.bz2
f7dc51abbe926ad5b0f0e6b6a99b56fa SmartMinerV31.tar.bz2

Attention: SM is freeware, use it as it is by your own risk. Welcome ticket, not spamming.

Mar 22, 2018
Initial commit

@smartbitcoin smartbitcoin released this Apr 23, 2018

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Support nvidia Titan V, 10xx, 9xx GPU , with 390+ driver.


v0.3 have a duplicated shared bug need be fixed before the binary download republish.

@smartbitcoin smartbitcoin released this Apr 14, 2018

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Initial commit

@smartbitcoin smartbitcoin released this Mar 22, 2018

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after aion network update to v0.2, this version won't be compatible any more.