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A middleware layer to connect data consumers with the data sources
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Discovery API serves as middleware between our metadata store and our Data Discovery UI.

To start your Phoenix server(from the root directory):

  • MIX_ENV=integration mix docker.start
  • Install dependencies with mix deps.get
  • Start Phoenix endpoint with iex -S mix phx.server
  • MIX_ENV=integration mix docker.stop

To run the tests

  • Run mix test to run the tests a single time
  • Run mix to re-run the tests when a file changes
  • Run mix --stale to only rerun the tests for modules that have changes
  • Run mix test.integration to run the integration tests

To run inside a container(from the root directory):

  • docker build . -t <image_name:tag>

To see the application live:

Calculating Completeness scores manually

For all datasets:


For a single dataset:

SmartCity.Dataset.get!(dataset_id) |> DiscoveryApi.Stats.StatsCalculator.calculate_and_save_completeness()

Datasets will be calculated and persisted to Redis with a key of discovery-api:stats:{{dataset_id}}

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