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A conglomeration of (data) transformations
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Applies a standard set of transformations to all data messages received and delivers them to a configurable topic

External Dependencies

  • Kafka (input topic, output topic, dead letter queue (DLQ) topic)
  • Redis


The following environment variables should be set:

  • FROM_TOPIC - The Kafka topic that data messages will be pulled from
  • TO_TOPIC - The Kafka topic that transformed data messages will be delivered to
  • REDIS_HOST - The redis host (e.g. '') where dataset definitions are stored. Currently this data is used to retrieve the dataset schema. In the future it will be used to determine what transformations should be applied to a particular dataset's data message
  • KAFKA_BROKERS - A comma delimited list of one or more Kafka brokers in the form of host1:port,host2:port



Input messages must be in the format defined by the Smart Cities Data Library

  "dataset_id": "abfe-124134-dfhdfg-4486784",
  "operational": {},
  "payload": "{\"key1\":\"value1\", \"key2\":\"value2\"}"


  "dataset_id": "abfe-124134-dfhdfg-4486784",
  "operational": {
    "timing": [
        "startTime": "2019-05-06T19:51:51+00:00",
        "endTime": "2019-05-06T19:51:52+00:00",
        "app": "Voltron",
        "label": "Elixir.Voltron.Json.Trim"
  "payload": "{\"key1\":\"value1\", \"key2\":\"value2\"}"

Running Locally

You can use Divo to stand up the external dependencies locally using docker and docker-compose.

MIX_ENV=integration mix docker.start
MIX_ENV=integration iex -S mix


Running the Unit Tests

mix test

Running the Integration Tests

mix test.integration


Released under Apache 2 license.

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