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Basic Requirements

  • an instance of postgres(v9.3+)
  • an instance of a node that supports Ethereum's RPC interface
  • a configuration file(generally .env by convention)

The configuration file must at least specify the fields listed in the .env example file.

Build Via Docker

Once you have Docker installed on your machine, just pull down the image and run it:

docker pull smartcontract/smartoracle
docker run -t --env-file=.env smartcontract/smartoracle

Building Locally

If you want to develop an adapter or do other custom development it may be easier to build the app from scratch and run it locally, instead of via a container.

In addition to the above requirements you will need:

  • ruby(v2.2.0+)

Pull the down the code, install dependencies, and set up your database:

git clone smartoracles-core && cd smartoracles-core
gem install bundler
rake db:create db:migrate

Start the node:

foreman start
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