Configuration Variables

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Specifies the addresses/URLs of allowed connections to the API on CLIENT_NODE_URL. Input may be a comma-separated (no spaces) list.


  • Default:"false"

Disables the HTTPS protocol, allowing for unencrypted HTTP connections. It is not recommended to change this setting for production use.


  • Default:"6688"

Port used for the REST API and GUI.


This is the URL that you will use to interact with the node itself. For example, tasks like adding JobSpecs, External Adapters, and starting jobs with a web initiator will use this URL.


  • Default:"500ms"

If the database file is already in use, the Chainlink node will wait the specified value (with a given time unit) for the database to become available.


  • Default:"0"

The Chain ID being 0 allows for the node to work on any available network.


  • Default:"12"

The number of blocks to wait if the transaction has still not been confirmed before resubmitting the transaction.


  • Default:"5000000000"

The amount of wei to increase for the resubmitted transaction.


  • Default:"20000000000"

The default gas price to use when submitting transactions to the blockchain.


  • Default:"ws://localhost:8546"

This is the websocket address of the Ethereum client that the Chainlink node will connect to. All interaction with the Ethereum blockchain will occur through this connection.


  • Default:"0x514910771AF9Ca656af840dff83E8264EcF986CA"

The address of the LINK token contract. Used for displaying the node account's LINK balance.

Ropsten: 0x20fE562d797A42Dcb3399062AE9546cd06f63280


  • Default: "info"

The LOG_LEVEL environment variable determines both what is printed on the screen and what is written to the logfile, located at $ROOT/log.jsonl.

The available options are:

  • "debug"
  • "info"
  • "warn"
  • "error"
  • "panic"


  • Default:"0"

The number of block confirmations to wait before beginning a task run.


  • Default:"12"

The number of block confirmations to wait after a task run has been ran to regard it as "completed" in the node.


  • Default:"1000000000000000000"

For jobs that require payment, this is the minimum payment amount in order for the node to accept and process the job. Since there are no decimals on the EVM, the value is represented like wei. This makes the default value 1 LINK.


  • Default: none

The address of the oracle contract. The Chainlink node will listen to SpecAndRun requests from this address.


  • Default:"~/.chainlink"

This is the directory where the db.bolt and log.jsonl files and the keys directory reside. The db.bolt file is the database that the Chainlink node uses to keep track of JobSpecs, JobRuns, their status according to each interaction, and BridgeTypes (for external adapters). log.jsonl is the log as written by the Chainlink node, depending on the LOG_LEVEL specified by the environment variable's value. The keys directory is the keystore and contains the password-encrypted private keys stored as JSON files.


  • Default:"15m"

This value determines the amount of idle time to elapse before the GUI signs out users from their sessions.


  • Default: none

Location of the TLS certificate file. Example: /home/$USER/.chainlink/tls/server.crt


  • Default: none

Location of the TLS private key file. Example: /home/$USER/.chainlink/tls/server.key

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