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SmartDeviceLink connects in-vehicle infotainment systems to smartphone, cloud, and embedded/local apps to create connected experiences for consumers.


  1. sdl_core Public

    SmartDeviceLink In-Vehicle Software and Sample HMI

    C++ 226 245

  2. sdl_ios Public

    Get your app connected to the 🚙, make your users feel like a 🌟

    Objective-C 165 110

  3. SmartDeviceLink libraries for Android, Java SE, and Java EE

    Java 183 133

  4. SmartDeviceLink library for applications developed in JavaScript

    JavaScript 14 14

  5. Tracking and proposing changes to SDL's public APIs.

    Objective-C 33 122

  6. rpc_spec Public

    Spec for RPC messages

    Python 14 32


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