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// SDLLightControlCapabilities.h
#import "SDLRPCMessage.h"
@class SDLLightCapabilities;
@interface SDLLightControlCapabilities : SDLRPCStruct
Constructs a newly allocated SDLLightControlCapabilities object with given parameters
@param moduleName friendly name of the light control module
@param supportedLights array of available LightCapabilities
@return An instance of the SDLLightControlCapabilities class
- (instancetype)initWithModuleName:(NSString *)moduleName supportedLights:(NSArray<SDLLightCapabilities *> *)supportedLights;
* @abstract The short friendly name of the light control module.
* It should not be used to identify a module by mobile application.
* Required, Max String length 100 chars
@property (strong, nonatomic) NSString *moduleName;
* @abstract An array of available LightCapabilities that are controllable.
* Required, NSArray of type SDLLightCapabilities minsize="1" maxsize="100"
@property (strong, nonatomic) NSArray<SDLLightCapabilities *> *supportedLights;
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