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[SDL-0008] iOS 6 Removal #449

merged 13 commits into from Jan 23, 2017


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asm09fsu commented Sep 23, 2016

Fixes #419
Fixes #450
Proposal SDL-0008.

This PR is ready for review.


This PR makes major API changes.

Testing Plan

This version needs to be tested to confirm that it does infact no longer work with iOS 6. We also need to see if there are any other improvements (aside from NSURLSession) that we can use now that we are using iOS 7.


Minimum supported iOS version increased from 6 to 7. We also removed SDLURLSession in favor of Apple's NSURLSession.


Breaking Changes
  • Increased minimum supported version from iOS 6 to iOS 7.
  • Removed SDLURLSession in favor of NSURLSession.

@asm09fsu asm09fsu added this to the 5.0.0 milestone Sep 23, 2016

Merge branch 'develop' of
…into feature/issue_419_iOS6_removal

* 'develop' of
  Update public imports for organization and to remove a duplicate
  A few more updates to travis scripts
  Try better Travis CI build formatting
  Update Travis to run on Xcode 8
  Update snapshot tests
  Update importing of SDLNotificationConstant names
  Remove some null files from the build phase

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joeljfischer commented Sep 23, 2016

See #450 regarding another iOS 7+ improvement.

#import "SDLURLRequestTask.h"

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joeljfischer Sep 30, 2016


We probably need replacement tests of some sort to make sure that the URL requests are set up properly? We don't need to test actual functionality, I don't think.

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asm09fsu Jan 18, 2017


We shouldn't need to do this, as we are using them for different URL request types (POST, GET). Do we really need to test to make sure that an Apple-built framework works?

asm09fsu added some commits Oct 13, 2016

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into feature/issue_419_…

* origin/develop: (26 commits)
  Changed deviceScale type to silence build warning
  Change SDLRPCStruct private method to be a class method
  Fixed error reference.
  reverting function renaming in SDLRPCMessage.
  Removed SDLJsonEncoder/Decoder.
  Initial removal of SDLSiphonServer
  Fixed issue with not all instances for SDLRPCMessage function rename applied.
  reverting function renaming in SDLRPCMessage.
  Fixed accidental function renaming.
  Update lock screen to work correctly on iOS 6 - 8
  Fixed issue with not being able to support both Swift 3 and pre-iOS 10 Objective-C.
  Fixed an issue with cocoapods not properly loading icons on pre-iOS 8 devices.
  Updated SDLFunctionID to project instead of private.
  Update version checking code to use what we already use
  Updated assets and support for retrieving bundle images for iOS 6 & 7.
  Touched SDL Example Images.xcassets
  Remove `.xctool.args` and update README with current testing information
  Migrated initWithDictionary to take non-mutable dictionary as parameter.
  Updated SDLFunctionID to be private.
  Fixed remaining failing tests.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into feature/issue_419_…

* origin/develop:
  Revert "Changed deviceScale type to silence build warning"

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codecov-io commented Oct 14, 2016

Current coverage is 67.03% (diff: 0.00%)

Merging #449 into develop will decrease coverage by 0.22%

@@            develop       #449   diff @@
  Files           331        327     -4   
  Lines          9996       9943    -53   
  Methods        2858       2835    -23   
  Messages          0          0          
  Branches        771        769     -2   
- Hits           6723       6665    -58   
- Misses         2896       2903     +7   
+ Partials        377        375     -2   

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asm09fsu added some commits Oct 18, 2016

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into feature/issue_419_…

* origin/develop: (23 commits)
  Changed macro to look specifically for NS_STRING_ENUM
  Improved enum macro to be less macro-y.
  Added support for SDLNames on pre xcode-8/swift 3 builds
  Revert SDLLockScreen.storyboard for Xcode 7 support.
  Added missing generics
  Fixed a file manager bug
  Update to v4.3.0-rc.6
  Improved error messaging if you connect to a head unit that doesn’t support files
  Example app should only send command data on the first non-NONE HMI status, not any NONE
  Fix a warning regarding format strings
  Fix an issue where developers could attempt to send a file on a non-ready FileManager
  If the file manager fails to start, we should continue (e.g. head units that do not support files)
  Fixed a bug where the File Manager could fail to start without calling its start block
  Update for 4.3.0-rc.5
  Actually fix the podspec…probably
  Fix Cocoapods podspec not including SmartDeviceLink.h
  Fix podspec not using the new version number
  Update for 4.3.0-rc.4
  List public headers in podspec
  Update the README to point to the guides

# Conflicts:
#	SmartDeviceLink/SDLURLSession.m
#	SmartDeviceLinkTests/UtilitiesSpecs/HTTP Connection/SDLURLSessionSpec.m
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into feature/issue_419_…

* origin/develop: (144 commits)
  Fix an example app error
  Fix merge errors
  Make properties nonatomic
  Updated implementation files for SDLDateTime & SDLGetWaypoints to reflect nullability changes.
  Fix DateTime nullability
  Fix GetWayPoints nullability
  Removed SDLTTSChunkFactory from project.
  Removed SDLRPCRequestFactory from project.
  Minor updates to a number of classes’ nullability annotations
  Removed dispose and destroy methods.
  added nullability annotations to category.
  Updated response to remove nullability for nonnull properties.
  Remove a test focus
  Fixed test cases
  Fix podspec not updated with latest version number
  Update for v4.5.0
  Follow style guide for boolean check
  Added nullability annotations for transport classes.
  Added nullability annotations to Utility classes.
  Added nullability annotation to SDLGlobals, and changed singleton name to fix issue with not being usable in swift.

# Conflicts:
#	SmartDeviceLink-iOS.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
#	SmartDeviceLink/SDLProxy.m

@asm09fsu asm09fsu changed the title from [WIP] - iOS 6 Removal to [SDL-0008] iOS 6 Removal Jan 18, 2017

asm09fsu added some commits Jan 18, 2017

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into feature/issue_419_…

* origin/develop:
  Fixed issue around not calculating an SDLPutFile's currentOffset correctly. Updated unit tests to cover all SDLPutFiles, not just the first.
  Added in missing implementations of dictionary categories.
  Moved the import from SDLRPCStruct to implementation of all classes to remove build warning of redefinition
  Removed nonexistent files from project
  Added nullability annotations.
  Fixed issue using incorrect name for search address.
  Migrated to using a category instead of adding the classes to the subclass of SDLRPCStruct.
  Updated missing parameters.
  Updated setter/getter for all rpcs and structs to use convenience methods.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into feature/issue_419_…

* origin/develop:
  Update for v4.5.1
  Added a ParameterAssert instead of throwing an exception, along with returning a handler with an error.
  Updated to throw an exception instead of returning an error for nil requests being sent.
  Adding a spec to test sending nil request.
  Added check for nil request in sending.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into feature/issue_419_…

* origin/develop:
  Removed unused property in unit test.
  Fixed renamed variable in unit tests.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into feature/issue_419_…

* origin/develop:
  Fixed issue with incorrectly parsing SDLRPCResponses.

@joeljfischer joeljfischer merged commit 74484a8 into develop Jan 23, 2017

2 checks passed

continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build passed
continuous-integration/travis-ci/push The Travis CI build passed

@joeljfischer joeljfischer deleted the feature/issue_419_iOS6_removal branch Jan 23, 2017

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