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@joeljfischer joeljfischer released this Mar 27, 2018 · 1408 commits to master since this release

This release adds a new SDLScreenManager which enables easier use of (so far) text, graphics, and soft buttons. Access it through the screenManager property on SDLManager.


  • Add a screen manager which currently handles text, graphics, and soft buttons [SDL-0134] #862
    • Add soft button object and states, which allow for declaratively designing soft buttons with multiple states
  • You can now create an SDLArtwork without a name and a name will be generated based on a hash of the data. You can also now upload an artwork through SDLFileManager and have uploaded artwork names passed back to you [SDL-0124] #865
  • You can now batch send RPCs either as a batch, or sequentially, waiting for the previous RPC request to respond before sending the next one. This may be useful for batch sending addCommands or for sending a performInteraction immediately after the createInteraction finishes [SDL-0087] #723
  • There is now a change registration manager for managing language [SDL-0054] #617

Bug Fixes

  • (Navigation / Projection Apps) Fix single taps often being recognized as a pan; there is now a customizable threshold at which pans will be registered; it defaults to 8px #884
  • Fixed crash when using log files #872
  • Fix SDLUploadFileOperation not finishing on error #860
  • Work around a module ListFiles bug on previous SDL Core versions #827

See all the changes and the changelog.

This release is made up of 188 commits. Thanks to contributors @joeljfischer, @NicoleYarroch, @kshala-ford, @t-yoshii, @Lievesley, @shoamano83.

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