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@joeljfischer joeljfischer released this Jun 27, 2018 · 903 commits to master since this release

This feature removes SDLProxy, SDLProtocol, SDLTransport, and related classes from being public. It also adds a Menu Manager that exposed through the SDLScreenManager introduced in v.5.2.0.

Notable Changes

Breaking Changes

  • Remove SDLProxy, SDLProtocol, SDLTransport and related classes and protocols. [SDL-0016] #454 [SDL-0017] #525 [SDL-0019] #603


  • Add API documentation #97
  • Added a Swift example app and expanded the Obj-C example app. #620
  • Add System Capability Manager, allowing easier observance of capability changes. [SDL-0088] #916
  • Add Menu Manager, making setting a menu (AddCommand / AddSubmenu) much simpler. [SDL-0155] #927

Bug Fixes

  • Fix CarWindow api should allow app to manually set screen resolution by exposing protocol that should have been exposed. #908
  • Fix notification of hmiLevel change when it has not changed. #918
  • Fix SDLCarWindow does not send video after reconnection when lock screen is disabled. #937
  • Fix Screen Manager images not sent on reconnection. #953
  • Fix custom log modules in Swift. #962
  • Speeds up video streaming resets when app goes from background -> foreground on the phone. #979

See all the changes and the changelog.

This release is made up of 257 commits. Thanks to contributors @joeljfischer, @NicoleYarroch, @kshala-ford, and @t-yoshii.

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